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Anastasios Hapsulas


Musical Acts in Constantinople during the 18th and Early 19th Century, as described by European Travellers of that Time [Abstract]
Issue 12-13 (2000)


The Value of Comparative Musicology [Abstract]

The Value of Music Today (2003)

Higher Musical Education in Germany [
Issue 18 (2003)


Music Analysis in Ethnomusicology. Problems and Prospects [Abstract]

Music Analysis and Interpretation (2006)


Secular Music in 4th Century Byzantium through the Texts of the Fathers of the Church [Abstract]

Issue 19 (2007)


Ethnomusicological Historical approaches of Greek traditional music [Abstract]

Issue 20 (2011)


Book Review: Charikleia Tsokani, The cry of Medousa. From myth to music, Alexandria Publications, Athens 2006

Issue 20 (2011)