Contents of issue 19 (2007)

Cover of issue 19Editorial

Michalis Adamis

In Search of Form in the Contemporary Musical Work [Abstract]

Anastasia Georgaki Apostolos Loufopoulos

Michalis Adamis: The Alchemist of Greek Electro-Acoustic Music [Abstract]

Antonia Xynogala

The Digital Composition of Sound with Physical Models: A Technique of Simulation [Abstract]

Renate Wieland

Musical Aspects of Adorno’s Aesthetics

Translation in Greek: Ursula Vryzaki [Abstract]

Minas I. Alexiadis

The Characteristics of the Operatic Renovation and of the “Zeitoper” during the Weimar Republic [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

The “Athens Ballet” in South Africa in 1948. Skalkottas and Dora Vlastou [Abstract]

Julia Lazaridou-Elmaloglou

Questions on Programmatic Music [Abstract]

Maria Sourtzi

Franz Schubert’s Symphony in C major D. 944, “The Great”. An Essay on the First Movement [Abstract]

Vasilis Kallis

Set-Type 7-34 in the Transitional Period of Alexander Scriabin: Functional Adventures of a Non-Diatonic Entity [Abstract]

Dimitris Mantzilas

From the Origins of Roman Music to the Medieval Treatises (1st Century B.C. – 11th Century A.D.) [Abstract]

Anastasios Hapsulas

Secular Music in 4th Century Byzantium through the Texts of the Fathers of the Church [Abstract]

Irini Theodosopoulou

On the Transcription of Greek Demotic Songs in the European Notation System [Abstract]

Flora Kritikou

The Modes before the 9th Century: The Repertory of Latin Liturgical Hymns [Abstract]

Eustathios Makris

Manuel Bryennius and the Music of the Church [Abstract]

Smaragda Chrysostomou

Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Music [Abstract]

Kostas Kakavelakis

On Constantin Floros [Abstract]

Book Reviews:
Constantin Floros

The Human, the Love, and the Music (translation in Greek: Y. D. Agrafiotis), Nefeli, Athens 2003 (372 p.).
Review: Nikos A. Dontas

Paulina Karadimou-Liatsou

Music Education in the 20th Century. A Focus on Early Childhood, Edition Orpheus, Athens 2003 (327 p.).
Review: Smaragda Chrysostomou